Jonas Jongejan

Creative Technologist at Google Creative Lab in New York, previously making interactive set designs on theatre, dance and tv productions and developing interactive graphics for the Danish Broadcast Corporation

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Adidas - mizxflux
Aug 2014

Worked as a lead developer on an installation for Adidas with London based creative studio Hellicar&Lewis. The installation was for the release of a new Adidas shoe that allowed custom prints.

My task was to create software for performing projection mapping on a white Adidas shoe using two projectors, and allowing the audience to tweet an image to us that we then projected onto the shoe. We then returned a picture showing them how the shoe would look with their photo printed on it.

The installation was shown both in their Berlin and London shop. The installation was primarily built in openFrameworks and node.js.

Read more: Hellicar&Lewis site

Source code: Github