Jonas Jongejan

Creative Technologist at Google Creative Lab in New York, previously making interactive set designs on theatre, dance and tv productions and developing interactive graphics for the Danish Broadcast Corporation

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Quick, Draw!
Nov 2016
Google Creative Lab

Quick, Draw! is a game released as one of the A.I Experiments launched by Google Creative Lab.

I came up with the idea for the game during an internal hackathon, and with huge help from collegues at Google’s handwriting recognition team, we were able to launch it to the public using the same algorithms that power the handwriting recognition on Google Translate and many other products. We trained a custom classifier for the game, using data we collected, and by playing the game, players have improved the classifier.

The hope was to give people a game that allowed them to interact with machine learning in a fun and delightfull way.

The game went viral at launch, and was for a brief moment #1 on reddit, and even got on Fox News…

… and Stephen Colbert

Update: We have now released a large dataset containing 50 million drawings. Read more in this post.

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