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Stop Motion

An interactive photo installation created for a 4,5 x 8 meter LED monolith. Combining infrared tracking of a normal light bulb and still images, photos of audience members holding the light bulb in different positions were indexed. When participating audience memberers mobed the bulb within the image, the large screen scrubbed through previous images of other people having had the bulb in the same position. When someone moved the bulb to an uninhabited spot with no previous photos, it stored the photo in the database.

Ole Kristensen and I sketched up the installation in a few days for re:new 2008, on a very short notice. The first iteration was done in processing, but with many memory issues. Despite that it ended up having a playful and informal presence in the Copenhagen Main Square.

Since then we have been invited to New Media Meeting 03, where we decided to port the software into openFrameworks.