Jonas Jongejan
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Opera på Skäret -

Vision4 was asked by Opera på Skäret to do the visual work for the classic opera Tosca, and I was asked to do the video programming and assist in creating the visual material. Opera på Skäret is a huge old sawmill in the middle of nowhere that now is used by a private opera company that makes one to two plays each year, getting people in from great distances by special train to see it.

We built 3 small eyeliners in this beautiful room hanging in long wires from the roof and created virtual walls in the room. A mac pro running Isadora was the core of the system creating the 3 projections, and in one scene I had Eyesweb running to track the opera singer and make blood float out of the body reacting to the movement of the singer. It was accomplished with a custom-programmed addon for Isadora I created myself. The material was otherwise primarily pre-rendered video made by Arthur Steijn and me, and a couple of times live cams placed around the stage.